Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/12 Reds @ Padres

This is going to be a real quick post because I just got back from work and I have to get to class in 30 minutes! So forgive me for any errors and for the lack of information. I'll still do my best to get the main points across.

Sam LeCure has never faced the Padres, but he has faced Ludwick and Ryan is 1-3 vs him. LeCure is bad vs lefties as they bat .296 vs him, while righties bat .241. LeCure is bad on the road, where he is 0-2 in his career with a 6.88 ERA (3.19 at home). One thing to note about this is his BB and K rates are the exact same on the road as they are at home, but he has given up 3 hr in 17 IP away while only 3 hr in 31IP at home. Petco Park should easily cancel out that trend, expect a quality start from Mr. LeCure.

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Clayton Richard has faced most of the Reds, I'll point out some of the trends I see:
  • On the cover it looks like Rolen struggles at a 2-10 clip, but both hits are home runs.
  • Renteria, Gomes, Votto and Phillips all also have home runs vs Richard. Renteria is 2-9, Gomes is 3-7, Phillips is 3-6, and Votto is 2-4. All of these players also have doubles vs Richard except Phillips.
  • Bruce is 3-5 with 2 doubles.
  • Hanigan, Heisey and Cairo also have doubles in just a few plate appearances, and Heisey has 3 rbi as well.
  • Team batting average vs Richard is .349 (22-63), .414 OBP, and an impressive .762 slugging percentage over 70 plate appearances.
  • One bad thing for the Reds is Richard is very solid at home, with a 2.86 ERA over 141.2 innings.
  • 2 of the Reds three games vs Richard have taken place at Great American, where he has a 6.48 ERA over two starts. His ERA vs Cincy as a total is 8.10 so we beat up on him last time we faced him @Petco.
  • Richard allows RHB to bat .285 and 33 homers, while lefties only have 5 homers with a .237 average.
Looks really good for the Reds IMO, except Richard is very comfortable at home, but we also have destroyed him there in the past.

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A few quick extras since I have 20 min till class starts!

-Dusty got his 250th win with the Reds last night.

-Aaron Harang is 2-0 with a 1.50 ERA for the Padres, but we will "dodge" him this go-around.

-Votto is the only 1B in ML history to have 3 home runs and a steal in the same game.

-Perry Jones of Baylor is staying, weakening an already weak draft class. Lockout incoming?

-Dayton Dragons were no hit by 3 Lake County pitchers last night

-If I don't leave now I will be late for a very important class, Music of the Beatles.

Have a good one everybody! I apologize for any errors. Follow me on twitter @EricLilly7 or email me at edlilly08@gmail.com

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