Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/14 Off day! Masset tidbits

Finally some rest, but I am here to rescue you from the "CUT MASSET" thoughts. I like to think positively, so here it goes!

Also, fun fact of the night: Masset was trending worldwide on Twitter, he's now the third Red this year to accomplish such a feat in addition to Rolen and Hernandez.

Most Reds' fans have short term I'll try to help you guys out here, last year:

After April: 11.32 ERA
After May: 7.25 ERA
After June: 5.88 ERA
After July: 4.34 ERA
Starting to notice a trend??
After August: 3.34 ERA
After September/October: 3.40 ERA

One earned run in July, One earned run in August, five earned runs in Sept/Oct (4 came in one game vs Pirates that we won). Strong finish, very strong finish. He was our best reliever last year, give him some time and he will come around and be an asset.

Don't believe me? Baseball-reference doesn't lie.



  1. good job eric,masset will be fine, some players just start slow.i just wish today pitchers would
    like to finish what they was not that long ago when managers would almost have to drag
    the starter out when he was doing his job.
    a quality start was when he finished the game, not 6 innings

  2. Thanks Gramps! It's unfortunate Aroldis wasn't feeling well, but I still don't think Dusty should've brought Masset in. He's been in a funk lately and doesn't need to come into a situation like that. Hopefully the day off and coming back to Cincy helps.