Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4/19 D'backs at Reds

Didn't get a chance to watch the game last night because I was in my Sociology of Sport class, but I can't say I regret not seeing it. I apologize for the slacking lately, which has run into today because it is now within an hour of first pitch and I'm just starting this. I'll be back on track in a bit, just a few night classes combined with work have knocked me off balance.

Great news for Reds fans tonight! Sam LeCure is pitching, and most likely (cross your fingers) there will not be too many walks. 14 K to 4 BB this year for LeCure, which is incredible compared to Volquez and Leake. LeCure has easily been our second best pitcher this year behind Arroyo, so let's hope he does well again tonight because we need it. Of course, you'll see later on in the blog why this LeCure start may not be good news..The other great news is Brandon Phillips is returning!

Tonights game is Armando Gallaraga (2-0, 6.75) vs Sam LeCure (0-0, 2.25) at 7:10pm at GABP.

LeCure has barely faced any D'backs, but they are 0-8 vs him in their careers:
  • If you recall correctly from my old D'backs posts, you'll remember they are a lefty loaded lineup, which is bad news for the Reds tonight. LeCure hasn't done very well vs LHB in his career as they have batted .304 vs him and in 17 IP they have 21 hits, 15 walks, and 3 home runs.
  • Earlier I said LeCure was good news for the Reds because of his lack of walks, but notice LeCure has a tendency to walk LHB. He only has 10 BB in 30IP vs RHB, but 15 BB in 17 IP vs LHB.
  • 5 LHB are starting for the D'backs: Parra, Montero, Miranda, Johnson and Drew...doesn't look good for LeCure.
  • One more good note, because I don't want to end the write-up on a bad note like that: LeCure is 2-3 with a 3.19 ERA and 18 BB in 31 IP.
Reds are 6-21 with an RBI vs JJ Putz (D'backs closer)
Pick to Click: Gerardo Parra

Now, onto Armando Gallaraga, who has no appearances vs the Reds as he was a former American Leaguer. If you recall, he was the Detroit Tiger who got screwed out of a perfect game by Jim Joyce. Hermida and Hernandez each have a hit off him as members of different teams. Now, onto the important stuff...:
  • Last start he gave up 5 runs in 5IP vs the Cardinals.
  • Gallaraga is much better vs RHB and has a 2.5 K/BB ratio vs them compared to a 1.05 vs LHB. This clearly shows how confident he is vs RHB.
  • Gallaraga has a great slider that he likes to throw vs RHB.
  • After a quick check-up on FanGraphs the only two Reds who are garbage vs good sliders are Gomes and Phillips...a huge positive is that the rest of the usual starters do very well vs Sliders and Stubbs is the best vs them.
D'backs 6-45 vs Cordero.
Pick to Click: Jay Bruce

It doesn't look good both ways IMO, could see a lot of runs tonight. I think the Reds win a close one, but the bullpen has to pitch well tonight and we need a quality start from LeCure to get the Reds back rolling. I really like the Reds matchups vs Gallaraga's out pitch, the slider. Let's go Reds! @EricLilly7

Short off topic coming up, but check out this article:
-Incredible article on Joey Votto here, a must read.

-Half of Jonny Gomes 12 hits are home runs. Can he keep it up? Remember it's a contract year.

-Note: Everyone who isn't a fan of the NBA, please try to find a way to watch a game or two of the playoffs this year, they are incredible. I guarantee you'll be converted.

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